Sharna Walker

Hi! My name is Sharna and I am a 1st year Bio-Vet. I’m a student rep and I want to be your Vice President for 2017/18.

“every accomplishment begins with the decision to try”

A good leader listens to people. A good leader understands the voice of the people is a force to be respected. In a position of leadership such as a student union officer, my ethos would be simply to implement what YOU want to see. I am friendly, approachable and more than willing to listen. I want to find solutions to the real problems that affect the student body, making our experience at Hartpury the best it can possibly be.

Life for students is rapidly changing and simply gaining a degree is no longer enough to ensure success. By providing fresh volunteering opportunities and working closely with ICE, I will help the student body gain those extra skills that will set us apart from the masses. I feel volunteering is very important because meeting people within the industry helps considerably in future professions.  Area specific opportunities as well as positions for more generalised skills within the community will add vital experience to our CV’s.

I will organise academic events and seminars to help with advice on how to get that career you’re dreaming of.  At 22, I am a little older than the average first year as it took me so long to decide why I should come to university and in general what I actually wanted to do with my life. Every day, I hear about new things I’ve never heard of before coming to Hartpury. I want to continue making those experiences available and allowing students to become truly inspired to achieve their goals. Everyone is passionate about something, I want to enable you to campaign for what is close to your heart.

University life is not all about grades and academia. Partying is important too!  🙂

I would like to work closely with the members of the student union team and arrange an awesome social calendar, I would like to see stronger relationships between different year groups and more opportunities for support. I know as a first year, just to talk about what to expect next year, would be really beneficial and very helpful from a student welfare perspective. Social events that encourage peer support across all year groups would be great to see. I will ask questions about what good causes and charities the Hartpury student body feel passionate about and organise fundraisers and events to raise awareness for these. I want to give you the opportunity to get involved with something other than attending lectures. Hartpury has so much to offer and I want to make sure you get the most out of your time here.

Above all, I want to help make calculated decisions on behalf of the student body that benefit you. If there is something you really want to see happen, I’m your girl.

“Be a voice not an echo”

In a nutshell a vote for me is a vote for:

  • Student welfare and a peer support system
  • Exciting career building opportunities through volunteering and charity work and workshops
  • Raising awareness for important charities through social events and fundraisers
  • An exciting social calendar that promotes university spirit and lets you get the most out of your time at Hartpury
  • A leader who listens and promotes equality, diversity and being proactive