Hannah Knaggs

My name is Hannah Knaggs, and I am standing to be the 2017/2018 Hartpury Student Union President. I’ve been at Hartpury for nearly a year now, and it has been one of the best years of my life. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience.

While I’ve been here I have been involved in launching the Women’s Campaign that is run through the SU; I am an active member of the Hartpury Equestrian Club, and am in the process of launching an international society. I have also had the privilege of networking and meeting some of the lovely people that are doing their best to make a difference on campus. Most of the time you can find me on the yard, lending a helping hand, watching an event in Hartpury Arena or sipping on a latte in Red and Black’s. I love this campus, and I would love to be a part of bettering it for the next generation.

Should I be elected, my main priorities would be:

  • Ensuring open communication between students and staff
  • Maintaining a healthy, happy and safe environment for students
  • Promoting the next generation of Hartpury students, and providing a point of contact should a problem arise
  • Continuing up-to-date campaigns to raise the awareness of important issues

There is so much that I want to do to keep Hartpury thriving, including…

Transport Issues

  • I will fight for more frequent and on-time buses, as well as updated timetables to be provided to all students


  • I will reiterate the need for clear communication between students and maintenance and fight to get rooms in order. We pay enough for accommodation without having to deal with broken wardrobes, lights etc.

Evening the Odds

  • I will work for international students to make sure they have support whilst adjusting as well as a proper induction
  • I am committed to making Hartpury a place where women are respected and receive the same opportunities as the male populous

Lower Cost, Greater Access

  • We already pay annual tuition, accommodation fees, book fees and more… why should we have to pay additional course costs such as extra materials and printing? I will challenge these costs and push for a solution that benefits students
  • Want to know how your money is spent? I will request annual spending breakdowns be made public so you can see where your money goes

I want to make sure that Hartpury is a campus that cares about the wellbeing of the students and I will do everything in my power to voice your concerns and fight for you.

VOTE Hannah For Hartpury!