Alysia Ekpiken

My name is Alysia and I am a first year BSc (Hons) BioVeterinary Science student at Hartpury College I’m currently a student and now want to by the President of your Students’ Union.

With the experience, I have had in this pass year I have gained the knowledge and   understanding to make Hartpury a better place for all student from those that are in their first year of further education to them who in the last year of their degree . I believe that students need to have a supportive, creative and caring student union president that will listen to what you guys want to say about what happens to you student’ union. All student should feel safe, happy and comfortable whilst studying and living at university. From  past roles I have in my life for example being head girl for a number of years I feel that I have good communication, organization and good time management.

If I was to become president I would help support any student who wants to establishing any new society as I think this is an important aspects of student life. I think that we need more of a communication spirit at Hartpury one way I am proposing to refresh our SU and have more events that all students can get involved in. I will also take the opinions from current student make fresher, open days/ career day, enrolment and society better for all involved.

I believe that also increased awareness for Holocaust day and charity events such as Macmillan Morning and Children in need. There are too many motions that I believe strongly in to fit in to 500 word so here are a few I think that off-site students should have the opportunity to have a locker that heavy books and equipment can be stored so that there do not need to be carried around. I also think that there should be card machines in graze and red ‘N’ blacks .  I think that students of all backgrounds need to be encouraged to produce creative fundraising ideas to help increase student participation and this will also help other student understand other cultures and I believe that there should be a multicultural day where there are various food stalls, and other activities. I also believe that there should be  boxes in the both the FE and HE library, so all students can express their views on the university.  Lastly there should be voluntary career pathway sessions where students in a group or individually discuss their future with a person who is in the industry. I hope you make a wise decision about who you choice to be your president as I can offer. If you have any questions regarding me as your president or you have anything that you would like to see change at Hartpury to make it a better place for current and future students  please feel free to email me at