Vice President Candidate Manifesto – Molly

Molly Welch

Vice President role



My name is Molly Welch and I am currently a Further Education student studying a level 3 extended diploma in equine here at Hartpury. I have had a lot of experience in the past with organisational and leadership roles and believe I obtain the personal qualities needed for the role as Vice President here at the students union. My previous experiences in leadership roles include a school prefect, part time riding school groom and yard supervisor, and young leader of the girl guides

What can I give as the role of Vice President of the students union?


With a dedicated personality once I set my mind on something I won’t stop until I achieve it. Experience in leadership is important in a role like this. However teamwork is the most significant in achieving the greatest results in anything. I believe my self to have both these qualities, gained from having lots of time and experience developing these skills in different roles where I have always applied full enthusiasm and initiative into the jobs to take them further than was required, which has lead onto more responsible, roles within each establishment and a greater benefit for those involved.

From working in all these very different environments I have a wide range of knowledge about what works and what doesn’t and can apply this to any improvements and can make suggestions about how to make the Hartpury experience an outstanding one for everyone with the help of the students, I am a good listener and would like to know what our college is like from everyone’s perspective.


It has been researched that people are more likely to get involved in charity events or donate to those charities that mean something to them, rather than those most in need, so what charities mean the most to Hartpury students and why? With surveys I would like to find which charities are closest to our students hearts and run events that will support these charities. I believe this will bring Hartpury’s students physical and social benefits and help develop their sense of well being and purpose knowing they’ve helped someone who’s cause means something to them and had fun doing it.

I am a very creative person and I have lots of ideas on how to educate and provide Hartpury with the tools it needs for charity and sustainability. I wish to make the community a supporting one with students who like to get involved.

Part of the role is to establish and maintain a volunteer network and provide them with many opportunities, all of my previous experiences with leadership and teamwork have been through volunteering, I have developed many skills from doing this and know how important and satisfying those roles can be. I also know what I wanted as a volunteer and what made me want to become one for those organisations and businesses, which means I am able to find opportunities and match them to the right volunteer from finding out what they want to take away from the experience.


I have many more experiences, references and ideas which can’t all be fitted into the word count limit and would be happy to talk to anyone in more detail should you wish to discuss it.

Thank you for reading I hope you believe I have what it takes to fulfil this role