Sophia Williams

Experienced and Competent 

  • Student Representative for year one PESS
  • Full year experience as a teaching assistant during gap year 2015-2016
  • CCUSA confirmed applicant for upcoming summer
  • Established a successful cheerleading club at my previous school (ongoing)

Dedicated and Involved 

  • Football and Futsal Academy Player Goalkeeper
  • Western Conference Cup BUCS Finalists 2017
  • Current success in the BUCS Football league 2016-2017
  • Volunteer with the union
  • Development squad Netball player

Pledge – Developing Union 

These are the pledges I aim and promise to achieve if I am voted into the union.

  • Install more clubs and societies with support
  • Strengthen societies already in place – create more BUCS teams
  • Establish VARSITY links for annual varsity competitions
  • Candid Instagram account for publicity
  • Insurance of superlative annual clubs and societies award evenings​