Rowan Paine-Winnett

What makes a university more than just a learning environment? What forms the centre point of expanding a social group? The answer: Clubs and Societies that cover a range of interests and hobbies (not to mention Wednesday nights!).

My name is Rowan, I am a first-year bio-vet. I am approachable and friendly with a fun streak, although I know when to rein it in and turn the energy towards a worthwhile goal. I enjoy having a drink with my mates but also enjoy spending time quietly reading or listening to music.

As the Clubs and Societies officer I will oversee the running of the various Clubs and Societies active within Hartpury. I am well suited to this position because I am able to take a step back from every scenario and rationally decide the best course of action. Whether this is providing funding for trips or organising special events, I believe I can provide the best allocation of resources and help the greatest amount of people.

If I am elected, I will take every request into consideration. I will attempt to provide the best opportunities for each Society or Club and help them to organise and fund social events in an attempt to initiate more social interactions between first, second and third year students on the same course and between different course areas. I have personally experienced a large division between these areas and by decreasing this gap through new clubs and societies, we can make more connections and we will be able to get the most out of our time at university.

As part of my role, I will aim to combat issues by assisting in creating new animal based activities for all students, not just Vet Society members. I will help to create a relationship between the sports department and those students that want to use the facilities available. I will also create a relationship between the equine department and those students that wish to learn to ride or learn to play equine sports. I will also arrange more taster sessions as was introduced this year such as animal handling, with increased sessions in a wider range of areas.

Freshers week is a major event within the university centre and in my role, I will be helping to organise the freshers fair. This will provide all students to learn more about any clubs and societies they might be have never considered before.

Similarly, refreshers week will provide a well-needed dose of fun after the stress of the exams in January. With my other Students Union members, we will create events every night, including live music in Legends, themed parties, raves and much more.

Without the other members of the Students Union, I would not be able to offer half as much as I am. In my role, I will be working closely with them to create a calendar to provide a wide range of activities throughout the year that everyone can get involved in. As part of this, we will also organise events and fun days for charities, each of which will be chosen by you, the student body.

In fact, none of this would be possible without your input. The Student Union thrives on suggestions and ideas, and we will always welcome any opportunities to improve our service to you and your experience at Hartpury.