Poppy-Lea Price

My names Poppy-Lea Price, I am a second year Sport Business Management student who is hardworking and dedicated to anything I put my mind to. As a student at hartpury I am very proactive and involved in a lot of activities which works as a benefit as I already understand the ins and outs of how Hartpury runs and how we can make Hartpury better. For example I am the vice captain of the netball team, co-organiser of Bright Futures and have been a student rep, attending staff and student meetings. Additional I do understand that going to college/university is about getting an education but it’s also about so much more. It’s about making new friends, going out and having fun. These are activities that I have been apart of and now understand the value they hold at making you a more rounded individual. Therefore I hope to improve both the educational side of Hartpury but also the fun and exciting side too. I love university life here at Hartpury for a wide range of reason, top quality education, informed interactive lecturers, top class sport and an amazing social life. However improvements can still be made to make Hartpury an even more vibrant and exciting university.

If I was to be elected as the education officer there is a range of different things I would want to achieve:

  1. To always endeavor to voice the true opinions of the students and ensure that to my best abilities their wants and needs are achieved.
  2. To actively seek new opportunities for all the courses here at Hartpury in order improve student life.
  3. To efficiently and effectively collaborate with all Hartpury staff to ensure that creative solutions will be made to any issues.
  4. To create, support and assist events at Hartpury that add to the experience of being here.
  5. To assist students to get involved in more extracurricular activities in order to set them in better sted for when they leave Hartpury and step into the working world.
  6. To ensure that all students are happy and content with content being taught here at Hartpury and to ensure that any improvements they want are voiced.
  7. To actively assist and improve the social/student life here at Hartpury by working closely with the societies and clubs officers and organisers to ensure that a range of activities are alway on offer and easily accessible.
  8. To ensure that there is a wide range of different activities and opportunities available for the diverse amount of students we have here at Hartpury because it’s important to promote uniqueness and aid people’s strengths
  9. Finally is to ensure that everything I do is done to an extremely high standard.

“Poppy is an outstanding student who engages well with peers and staff. She contributes to the course as a student representative and wider university based activities. She has excellent communication skills and offers a personality perfectly suited to the role of education officer” – Mike Green