Vice President Candidate Manifesto – Louise

Louise Cox

Manifesto for Vice President – Louise Cox


Who am I?

Hello! My name is Louise and I study Animal Science. I am currently on a placement year at Paignton Zoo and I would like to be your student union vice president next year! I would love to have a role in the development of the student’s union, and help shape it to be the union that you want it to be.

I was a student rep during the first two years of university, giving me experience of representing the views of fellow students on important issues. I’ve also been involved with The Vet Society as events and fundraising officer during 2014-2015.

I am organized and a team player, ensuring the committee will work together to achieve the goals we aim for. I will be coming back from placement with a fresh perspective on university, so I will be able to see areas for improvement. Placement has improved my time management and communication skills; both crucial to be successful in this role.

What would I aim to do?

For many, coming to university is a daunting time with the first taste of independence. I believe everyone should feel included in the university community and the student union should be welcoming and here to support students and assist with any problems they face. I want to work with the support team here at Hartpury to ensure this happens. The student union should represent the views of the students, and therefore you need to trust the elected officers will accurately represent you. I’m friendly and approachable and you should feel confident in being able to talk to me about any issues you face.

University should also set you up for your future career, which means providing you with opportunities to strengthen your CV and gain relevant skills for employment. I hope to create stronger links with the local community to provide more opportunities for you. Being on placement has given me experience of industry and what it will take to get a job after graduating which I would hope to transfer into this role.

However, university is not all work! Engaging in sports and societies lets you try something new, plus it can be fun! I will help the SU run events that you want to go to, and encourage participation in sports and societies – hopefully more will be set up for you to enjoy over the coming year.

Your vote counts!

Your vote is really important in shaping the university and allowing you to have confidence that your representatives are doing what you want. I’m really excited at the opportunity to work with you all next year. So, if you want a vice president who will work hard to represent your views and push for the development and improvement of the university, then you should vote for me!