Vice President Candidate Manifesto – Alex

Alex Martin

SU Nomination Manifesto:


Hello, my name is Alex Martin, I am a second year Biovet at Hartpury College.


I am running for the position of Clubs and Societies Officer as I feel that I will be able to assist greatly and provide support to the running of all societies and clubs at Hartpury College as well as positively contributing to the overall Student Union. This year I have been the Media and Publicity Officer for the newly established Vet Society which has been growing in members and popularity throughout the year.


Sports for Everyone!


Studying at University is only one part of the overall experience. I wish to encourage the arrival of more recreational sports clubs that students of all levels and ability may get involved with that will be flexible around studying, I also plan to reach out to other universities and colleges around the country to establish more potential varsity links for all sports clubs and societies.


New Societies!


Alongside student feedback I plan to encourage a growth in recreational societies that will enable merging and participation of all students with similar interests. It would be great to see the arrival of clubs such as Media, Music or Performing Arts!


Society Support and Training


Having worked on a society committee this year I appreciate how hard it can be for societies to obtain basic necessities such as training and transport, this is one of my primary concerns and I will push for the arrival of more accessible transport for the use of societies and construct more appropriate methods of committee training and courses such as First Aid Training.


Fresher’s Week!


Lastly but not least – FRESHERS, As Clubs and Societies Officer I will be working with other members of the SU to organise events such as fresher’s fair, having lived offsite for my entire degree I appreciate that it is difficult and often uninviting for offsite students to come to fresher’s week events. I therefore plan to re-model the coming fresher’s weeks to suit all interests and encourage general student participation, I aim to improve transport to and from college during fresher’s week that is easily accessible for all offsite students.