President Candidate Manifesto – Gurpawan


Manifesto of Gurpawan Kaur Khalsa

University is a place where individuals should feel comfortable with their lectures, accommodation, course , friendship circle and with staff. My name is Gurpawan Kaur Khalsa and I am a second year Bioveterinary student at Hartpury College. I am campaigning for the President role where my leadership skills will be portrayed. I believe that students need to have a supportive, creative and caring student union president. A student should also feel safe, happy and comfortable whilst studying at university.

My skills include communication, dedication, organization, delegation and good time management. My communication skills increased as I was Vice President of the Student Union from 2015-2016 and equality and diversity officer, I had to delegate responsibility to other students in a limited time frame and encouraged students of all backgrounds to produce creative fundraising ideas which would increase student participation and I also helped organise the careers day, which helped many students decide what future career they want.

I have also worked in animal related sectors where I have worked in a team, such as when I worked in PDSA Animal Hospital in London I communicated with various students and we had to make sure each person could handle responsibility. I will assist any student who has an idea about a society or regarding establishing a society all the way through fundraising, public interest and incorporating people from different backgrounds. Also I will encourage students to attend freshers, open days, enrolments and societies which will increase their social and communicational skills as well as introducing them to the different aspects of university.

I am a very good listener, so I have listened to Hartpury Green Leaders society and other students that want recycling bins, I put through a motion regarding it and hopefully by this year, the motion will be fulfilled. I also increased awareness for Holocaust day and charity events such as Macmillan Morning and Children in need.

I also want to put a motion through regarding visible change machines on campus as people have not been allowed to get on buses due to no change available. There should also be an option available for off-site students to have a locker because heavy books and equipment can be stored, whereas carrying on most days can tire a student.

Lastly there should be a student independent report where the student will feel engaged with their course and tutor and know how they are doing and anywhere they are going wrong. This year I have also started two new societies Hartpury Green Leaders and Hartpury Raise and Give, which has increased participation between different groups of people and I have helped the members in the societies to develop as individuals. I hope you make a wise decision about your choice of president as I can offer you the options I have stated in my statement. If you have any questions regarding my speech please email me at