President Candidate Manifesto – Caoimhe

Caoimhe Sweeney

Manifesto for Hartpury Students’ Union President


Hi there! My name is Caoimhe Sweeney and I want to be your Hartpury Students’ Union President!


I’m currently a third year BSc (Hons) BioVeterinary Science student and also the Hartpury Students’ Union Education Officer. It is with this year’s past experience that I feel I have gained the understanding of Hartpury Students’ Union and how it runs and how I can use this experience to mould and shape Hartpury Students’ Union into a small but mighty force!


I apologise in advance this document is a little lengthy. That is because this manifesto is a list of promises I make to YOU the student body should I be elected President for 2016-2017. Whilst the means by which I do these may change, the main aims outlined in bold will always stay the same.


Liberation of the Curriculum


As Education Officer I have sat on various committees within Hartpury Academia and know first-hand the way the student voice and how students view their curriculum is crucial to how Hartpury runs. Liberation of the Curriculum is a project the National Union of Students (NUS) are rolling out this year and I want to ensure that Hartpury are following suit!

In a nutshell, this means that the curriculum will reflect not just the course content you will be studying, but also most importantly, reflecting what students should aspire to! Ways in which I intend to do this include:

  • I will work with Hartpury Staff, Students and the elected Education Officer to revise the reading lists on ALL courses to represent ALL members of the student body
  • I will work with the elected Clubs and Societies Officer to aim to increase the presence of representative guest speakers at various society/academic events


Increasing awareness of Hartpury Students’ Union to Staff and Students and externals too


Hartpury Students’ Union is coming up three years old and still too many people say ‘Wait we have an SU?’ and this HAS to change! As President I will ensure that both staff and students understand the power the Students’ Union has and the importance of engagement with the SU. Ways in which I will do this include:

  • I will work with Hartpury Staff to better their understanding of the role of the SU within the university structure
  • I will work with Hartpury as a whole to ensure that there are no questions of WHO we are, WHERE we are and WHAT we stand for
  • I will work with NUS to ensure that we get both HE and FE representation at National Conference
  • I will work with other local SUs to see what we can learn from them about being greener, more representative and ultimately the best SU in the local area I will work with the elected Clubs and Societies Officer to see if any local universities would be interested in setting up a Varsity Competition with our sports teams (after all, us Hartpury people have competition bred into us right?)

Making sure YOUR Students Union represents YOUR views


As President I will ensure that YOUR Students’ Union is doing what it should do and representing YOU at every level of the Hartpury Experience! Ways in which I intend to do this include:

  • I will coordinate and organise meetings of the Students’ Union Executive Officers (any excuse to grab a cuppa tea!)
  • I will work with the Hartpury Students’ Union Executive Committee to make sure that everyone is on track with the responsibilities they each hold
  • I together with the Executive Committee will make sure that YOU guys know what we are up to with updates from the Students’ Union
  • I will work with Hartpury to increase participation from students who can often find it difficult to engage with university life for various reasons and work with these students to close the gap!
  • I will work with the elected Clubs and Societies Officer to make sure YOUR societies where possible are making links with one another to make even bigger, better events!
  • I will work with the elected Education Officer to make sure YOUR academic and facilities needs are met and listened to at EVERY level


So why should you vote for me?

So if you’ve managed to trawl through all of the above, or even if you’ve just skipped to this section, why should you vote ‘Caoimhe Sweeney for HSU President’?

With my experience on the SU I have seen first-hand how what we do can benefit the student body and to be honest, I’m not ready to give up just yet! I feel I can use my experience this year to push myself and the Students’ Union to the next level! As you will have seen in my manifesto pledges they all involve working with other people to make Hartpury Students’ Union the best it can be and I feel this is key to being a successful President, not just bettering my own skills but also the skills of my team.

In terms of the details? Well I have laid out what I am willing to do for YOU the student body should be elected but I will summarise by saying just this:


I would make the Students’ Union do exactly what its’ name suggests… Be a Union of Hartpury Students working together to represent and benefit both the current and future Hartpury Student!