Events and Activities Officer Candidate Manifesto – Liam

Liam McLoughlin



Events and Activities – Hartpury Students Union , Member of Student Union Executive Team



Be a confident voice.

Lead, support and represent my fellow students in a democratic manner.

To serve those in the community of Hartpury College, be an active member of the Students Union Executive Team with the opportunity to influence daily life at the college, address and campaign on important issues with genuine commitment to all aspects relating to students and the experience of the university environment.




To simply hold a position of authority, management or office does not define one as a leader.

As a Hartpury College student union office bearer it would be my duty to influence my fellow students towards a positive idea, objective or goal, by setting an example through my actions or deeds inspiring others to do likewise and at the same time serving those in the community of Hartpury College by anticipating, recognising and helping them to meet their needs.

A leader is someone that goes ahead motivating others to follow. Servant leadership goes one step further and is based off a philosophy of attempting to enhance the growth of others through set values, morals, ethics and incorporating decision making by fellow students or members of the Hartpury College community.

By leading in an emotionally intelligent manner I would hope to set minimum standards required for the community and students in the affairs of Hartpury College such as the culture, social, philosophical and spiritual health.

At Hartpury College we need to out learn, out think and out create our opposition in the academic world to succeed and keep ahead.

I would be consciously bound to work for the improvement of the students and community at large of Hartpury College in a manner that is beneficial to all, while maintaining the highest level of integrity and code of ethics.



Excellent Public Speaker



Desire to get involved

Good team player

Excellent Communication skills

Thrive on Challenges




Ability to organize student activities and events

Ability to relate to and inspire confidence in students

Ability to establish and maintain a successful student council

Excellent verbal and written and communication skills

Excellent problem solving and analytical skills

Adhere to policies and standards.



Member of the Student Representative Council (2015/2016)

Vice Captain Provincial Rugby u18 (2014)

Vice Captain & Captain u16 / u15 / u14 & u12 Rugby (2012/2011/2010/2008)

Lord Selborne Award – My Contribution to Environmental Conservation Efforts(2008)



The Art of War Leadership workshop

  1. Synergy of team work – the collective energy that comes from group effort or collaboration
  2. Psychological skills for teamwork and leadership
  3. Perspective in high pressure situations
  4. T.E.A.M. – together everyone achieve more
  5. Communicate, motivate, trust, confidence, respect and pride Currently Studying FdSc Animal Science (Hartpury College, Gloucestershire (2015/2016)
  6. Matriculated from Selborne College, East London, South Africa (2014)