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Elections Results

As the election results come in, we will display them here for you to see!
Were expecting a close fought battle for leadership this year! Let's get voting.

We would like to thank everyone for their votes and ensuring that the democracy of our students' union remains intact! As the results come in, they will be displayed here as a percentage of votes. Who will win?!

  • Union President

    A Person

  • Events Officer

    B Person

  • HEAT Officer

    C Person

  • FEAR Officer

    D Person


It's election time! Who will be your new union?
Uploaded image

Your NEW President

Union President
Your new president of the students’ union
Uploaded image

Your New Events Officer

Your NEW events manager
Uploaded image

Your NEW Heat Officer

Heat Officer
Your NEW Heat Officer
Uploaded image

Your NEW Fear Officer

Fear Officer
Your NEW Fear Officer

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